One 1" pex red feed line,
One 1" blue pex return line and
Two wraps of low-E closed-cell foil-faced aluminum insulation.
E-Z Lay Pipe comes taped solid, covered with a 4" flexible plastic drain tile and then coiled on a pallet for EASY transporting!



E-Z Lay Pipe Benefits

  • Preassembled - Unroll and connect the ends.
  • Flexible - No corners to buy; no corners to struggle with!
  • Color-Coded - Spend no time identifying lines; easy troubleshooting!
  • Cut-To-Length - No leftover pieces - no waste!
  • Affordable - inexpensive E-Z Lay Pipe, place the stove where the wood is stacked.
  • Efficient - One stove can be used to heat two houses - lengths up to 500 feet without any pex splices!

Measuring Tips for E-Z Lay Pipe

  • Include the measurement from the house inlet to the bottom of the trench
  • Include the measurement from the stove connections to the bottom of the trench
  • Allow enough length inside for easy splicing
  • Consider adding additional footage for an uneven trench, avoiding tree roots, rocks, etc...
  • For stove cement pad installs, if possible, install E-Z Lay insulated pipe first, then add the cement pad. This ensures the correct length for the water lines.